The mission of the Armenian Association of Digital Health is to promote the development of Digital Health in Armenia, concurrently participating and contributing to further advancements in the field worldwide.



  • In-depth investigation of the field and market of Digital Health and disclosure of major medical, social and economic benefits for Armenia. Scientific and economic assessment of the field, determination of collaboration opportunities, including multilaterally beneficial cooperation with major local and international players in ICT;
  • Centralized coordination and support for Digital Health (DH) programs, applications, services and other activities in Armenia;
  • Establishment and development of a National Digital Health Network: providing the local population of Armenia with access to advanced health care services, facilities and specialists outside the country; establishment of RESO institution – Remote Expert Second Opinion; providing the population of rural, remote and underserved areas with access to leading health care facilities within and out of the country;
  • Deploying a National Public Health (Health Information) portal providing information to citizens for health education, safety at work and disease prevention;
  • Organization of Educational and Training Courses on Digital Health and eHealth for the medical community and other interested parties and professional organizations with the involvement of necessary medical, ICT and other specialists;
  • Cooperation between various local stakeholders (institutions, organizations, regulatory bodies, companies, service providers and other structures) in the field;
  • Cooperation with major international associations, institutions, agencies and industry groups working in the field;
  • Consultations and assistance for development in the legislative area relevant to the field;
  • Support and boost investments in Digital Health; support for research and development in combining technological and organizational innovations; facilitate synergies between international programs and national policies;
  • Development of Roadmaps, Recommendations and Guidelines for broad implementation of Digital Health; introduction of legal, ethical and regulatory measures for Digital Health; dissemination of best practices by international collaborations;
  • Expansion and further development of the Association.


AATM plans to manage the delivery of Digital Health services, to support both basic and advanced healthcare in Armenia . Monitoring developments will also enable the Association to address changes in health care delivery systems in the future, which developments in Digital Health will bring about.

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