USAID FUNDED PROJECT “Capacity Building of the Armenian Association of Telemedicine to Result in Improved Primary Health Care Services in Armenia”, 2010

“Capacity Building of the Armenian Association of Telemedicine to Result in Improved Primary Health Care Services in Armenia”

The Project was managed by the Armenian Association of Digital Health and funded by the United State International Development Agency (USAID) through the Office of Primary Health Care Reform (PHCR). The Project was officially commenced on March 1, 2010.


The Project goal was to contribute to further improving the quality of the health care system in Armenia through developing a progressive medical association that would introduce new technologies and expand professional networks within Armenia and abroad. The Project objectives:

  • Realization of the goals of the AADH;
  • Improved quality of healthcare;
  • Improved appealability and health education of the general public;
  • Enhanced PHC office appealability;
  • Enhanced confidence in medical services.


The Project’s main activities:

  1. Capacity building – the AADH brought different medical and non-medical professionals, stakeholders, and founders under one umbrella. It planned to increase its members’ base by disseminating information about the Project and the Association, its plans and goals.
  2. Study – conduct surveys among health care professionals and the general public; consultations with renowned experts in telemedicine (TM), health care, international development and information technology; in-depth investigation of TM in other countries; assessment of Armenia’s putative needs in the field.
  3. Demonstration model – a pilot telemedicine network was installed in Armenia to connect two modules: a rural area site of a limited health professional resource with a module in Yerevan, a central site. Here virtually any specialist was available to consult the doctor and/or patient at the remote site, both online and offline. The pilot model would serve as a fully functional telemedicine network to demonstrate the advantages and perspectives of integrating eHealth principles in health care practices.


We thank USAID for funding this project and creating the opportunity to establish a telemedicine network. We thank the PHCR Office for the vital interest in the development of medicine in Armenia and our partners who made this project a reality.

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