General Assembly 2023

September 16, 2023

The Armenian Association of Digital Health (AADH) convened its 4 th General Assembly on September 1, 2023, at the Russian-Armenian University (RAU). This gathering marked a pivotal moment for the association, bringing together the Association’s leadership, members, professionals, and stakeholders dedicated to advancing the digital health sector in Armenia.

At the kickoff of the meeting, Professor Georgi Chaltikyan, President of AADH, extended a warm welcome to all attendees. He emphasized the importance of the General Assembly in shaping the future of digital health in Armenia and outlined the meeting’s objectives.

The President also officially declared the establishment of a quorum, ensuring that the Assembly’s activities could proceed according to the association’s bylaws.

Then Professor Sergei Kapinos, Vice-Rector for International Relations of RAU, expressed his delight at hosting the assembly and highlighted the significance of collaborations between academic institutions and professional organizations like AADH in fostering innovation and progress in healthcare.

President Prof. Georgi Chaltikyan and Executive Vice-President Dr. Lernik Essayei presented a comprehensive report on AADH’s accomplishments and initiatives from 2019 to 2023. The report showcased the association’s contributions to digital health development in Armenia, including research, educational programs, and collaborative projects.

Following the report, an interactive question-and-answer session allowed participants to seek clarification and engage in discussions regarding AADH’s activities and achievements. Attendees of the assembly then voted to approve the presented reports, solidifying their endorsement of AADH’s endeavors.

A brief coffee break provided a networking opportunity for attendees to exchange ideas and build connections within the digital health community.

The Assembly then proceeded to the election of AADH President and Board members. The nominees introduced themselves and answered questions from the audience. AADH Members exercised their voting rights to elect the President and the Board Members who would lead AADH into its next phase of growth and innovation. Each member was elected according to the

50%+1 rule, ensuring that the new leadership would have a strong mandate. Based on the
election results, the composition of the new leadership is as follows:

– President: Robin Ohannesian
– Board Members: Georgi Chaltikyan, Aren Karapetyan, Irina Ghazaryan, Alexander
Haroyan, Tat Ajamyan, Deepak Viswanth, Tigran Oganesyan, Tatul Saghatelyan.

The Armenian Association of Digital Health looks forward to the leadership of President Robin Ohannesian and the contributions of the newly elected Board Members in furthering the association’s mission and advancing the field of digital health in Armenia. We extend our congratulations to the newly elected leadership and express our gratitude to all members for their active participation in this democratic process. Together, we will continue to drive innovation and progress in the digital health sector.
In the closing moments of the assembly, attendees engaged in a productive discussion about the future direction of digital health in Armenia. The assembly’s wrap-up emphasized the importance of unity and continued collaboration among all stakeholders in the digital health ecosystem.

The 4 th General Assembly of the Armenian Association of Digital Health successfully convened, fostering a spirit of progress, collaboration, and shared vision for the advancement of digital health in Armenia. The dedication of its members and the insights shared during this gathering ensure a promising future for the association and the digital health sector.

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