“Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Building a Sustainable Tomorrow”

June 15, 2023

On May 19, 2023, Professor Georgi Chaltikyan had the honor of being invited to contribute to a panel discussion titled “Digital Transformation of the Public Sector: Building a Sustainable Tomorrow” at the Yerevan Tech Forum 2023. The forum focused on exploring the various paths to digitally transforming critical services, with a particular emphasis on health and healthcare. Professor Chaltikyan, a renowned expert in the field, shared insights on the challenges and barriers associated with this transformation and offered strategies to overcome them.

During the panel, Professor Chaltikyan also had the opportunity to present the groundbreaking work being carried out at the Armenian Association of Digital Health (AADH). He shed light on the organization’s Digital Health initiative, which aims to revolutionize the healthcare sector through innovative digital solutions. The AADH is dedicated to developing and implementing advanced technologies to enhance patient care, streamline healthcare operations, and improve overall health outcomes in Armenia.

In addition to his involvement with the AADH, Professor Chaltikyan highlighted the educational and research endeavors taking place at the Russian-Armenian University (RAU) and the Technische Hochschule Deggendorf (THD). He discussed the joint efforts of these institutions in offering a double degree Master of Digital Health program. This unique program equips students with a comprehensive understanding of digital health technologies, research methodologies, and practical skills, thereby preparing them to drive the digital transformation of the healthcare sector in Armenia and beyond.

Professor Georgi Chaltikyan’s participation in the panel at the Yerevan Tech Forum 2023 was instrumental in fostering knowledge exchange, promoting digital innovation, and paving the way for a sustainable future in the public sector, particularly in healthcare. His expertise and dedication continue to shape the landscape of digital health in Armenia, leaving a lasting impact on the advancement of healthcare services and technology.

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