Annual meeting of the Union of Information Technology Enterprises of Armenia (UITE)

February 25, 2009

Annual meeting of theUnion of Information Technology Enterprises of Armenia (UITE) incorporating a working meeting of the leading representatives of Armenian ICT industry sector traditionally took place in Arthurs Agveran resort – a world class resort, located in one of the most picturesque places of Armenia. A three-day long event included considerable number of presentations, as well as intense discussions on the most significant topics related to current state and perspectives of future development of IT and Telecommunication field in Armenia. The forum was held in a non-official environment as Round Table discussions arranged in four panels: PANEL 1: Armenian ICT Industry in 2008: Successes and Challenges; PANEL 2: Sales Force: Effective Use of Competitive Advantages to Overcome the Crisis; PANEL 3: Custom Legislation Improvement Project; PANEL 4: E-Diaspora and E-Security. The event was attended by significant number of local organizations and companies relevant to ICT domain (including Microsoft RA, Sourcio, Nork Information-Analytical Center, Synopsys, Enterprise Incubator Foundation, Armenian Datacom Company (ADC), Apaga Technologies, HaySpeed, Melinet, Synergy International Systems, Insight, Alpha, among others), as well as some international experts, representatives of Ministry of Economy of Republic of Armenia, educational organizations and mass-media. Representatives of AATM participated in forum’s extensive program, held multiple discussions and informal working meetings with leaders of ICT industry in the country, which yielded initial agreement on various future cooperation policies with a number of interested parties.

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